Collect Data

Collect data for computer vision annotation with Doc2Txt Suite. Use  automated collection capabilities to gather high quality training data. Control and secure all data collection. Enable continuous data collection to further improve your AI models.

Annotate Data

Annotate document data with Doc2Txt Suite. Bring teams together to create high-quality datasets using a complete palette of automated and semi-automated labeling tools. Your data never leaves your workspace, keep everything safe and stay in control.

Train AI Models

Manage AI models of all frameworks in one place. Make them available to be used in applications. Import AI models by choosing from pre-trained deep learning models. Train custom AI models in modular environments. Continuously improve your AI models.

Develop Applications

Build high-performance computer vision pipelines with an intuitive no-code editor. Wire together modular building blocks that represent cameras, AI models, image processing functions, and processing hardware. Integrate your existing systems and manage versions. Future-proof your computer vision applications.

Deploy to the Edge

Deploy computer vision applications at scale. Doc2Txt Suite provides a complete device management. Enroll and manage a fleet of devices safely, without coding or manual installation. Release applications with a fully automated deployment manager to multiple environments. Now you can ensure your applications scale.

Monitor Analytics

Monitor events and metrics in the cloud. Doc2Txt Suite provides real-time analytics with time-series databases. Monitor detailed hardware metrics at device level. Build custom BI dashboards and reports with ready-made charts. Explore and drill-down data, and build custom queries. Use data connectors to integrate your BI systems.

Maintain and Debug

Maintain all applications and ensure continuous delivery at scale. Implement a  fast and agile development, update, and upkeep strategy. Detect issues early with capable diagnosis tools, system alerts, and automated health scans. Resolve issues with tools for remote troubleshooting and disaster recovery.

Secure and Protect

Doc2Txt Suite provides enterprise-grade security for the entire computer vision lifecycle. Unify user authorization and authentication across all systems. Protect your AI models and applications from theft and loss. Run automated dependency and vulnerability scans. Enforce highest security encryption and lock down Edge endpoints.

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