A next-generation AI assistant for Data Entry , no matter the scale

Doc2txt is an AI engine that allows you to upload your documents and dive into the transformative capabilities of mobile document capture and OCR APIs for international data extraction.

Doc2Text offers businesses an unmatched solution that blends advanced document processing and data entry services with superior contextual understanding and insightful analysis

We empowers businesses to not just automate their data entry process but also use their data as a strategic asset for innovation and growth.










Collect Data

Collect data for computer vision annotation with Doc2Txt Suite. Use  automated collection capabilities to gather high quality training data. Control and secure all data collection. Enable continuous data collection to further improve your AI models.

Annotate Data

Annotate document data with Doc2Txt Suite. Bring teams together to create high-quality datasets using a complete palette of automated and semi-automated labeling tools. Your data never leaves your workspace, keep everything safe and stay in control.

Train AI Models

Manage AI models of all frameworks in one place. Make them available to be used in applications. Import AI models by choosing from pre-trained deep learning models. Train custom AI models in modular environments. Continuously improve your AI models.

Develop Applications

Build high-performance computer vision pipelines with an intuitive no-code editor. Wire together modular building blocks that represent cameras, AI models, image processing functions, and processing hardware. Integrate your existing systems and manage versions. Future-proof your computer vision applications.

Deploy to the Edge

Deploy computer vision applications at scale. Doc2Txt Suite provides a complete device management. Enroll and manage a fleet of devices safely, without coding or manual installation. Release applications with a fully automated deployment manager to multiple environments. Now you can ensure your applications scale.

Monitor Analytics

Monitor events and metrics in the cloud. Doc2Txt Suite provides real-time analytics with time-series databases. Monitor detailed hardware metrics at device level. Build custom BI dashboards and reports with ready-made charts. Explore and drill-down data, and build custom queries. Use data connectors to integrate your BI systems.

Maintain and Debug

Maintain all applications and ensure continuous delivery at scale. Implement a  fast and agile development, update, and upkeep strategy. Detect issues early with capable diagnosis tools, system alerts, and automated health scans. Resolve issues with tools for remote troubleshooting and disaster recovery.

Secure and Protect

Doc2Txt Suite provides enterprise-grade security for the entire computer vision lifecycle. Unify user authorization and authentication across all systems. Protect your AI models and applications from theft and loss. Run automated dependency and vulnerability scans. Enforce highest security encryption and lock down Edge endpoints.


Build with Doc2txt

Doc2txt’s skills can be combined to simplify even the most complex tasks

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019
Process mountains of text

Doc2txt can analyse a variety of documents in a dialogue. Provide details on the document and FAQ for common questions, and Doc2txt will engage in relevant, naturalistic back-and-forth conversation.

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019
Have natural conversations

Doc2txt can handle a variety of basic instructions and logical scenarios, including formatting outputs as desired, following if-then statements, and making a series of logical evaluations in a single prompt.

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019
Get answers

Whether you’re dealing with documents, emails, FAQs, chat transcripts, records, or something else, Doc2txt is here to help. Doc2txt can edit, rewrite, summarize, classify, extract structured data, do Q&A based on the content, and more.

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019
Automate workflows

Doc2txt has extensive general knowledge honed from its vast training corpus, with detailed background on technical, scientific, and cultural knowledge, in a variety of common languages.


Yes, Doc2txt uses industry-standard best practices for data handling and retention. See our Privacy Policy for more details. All commercial deployments are covered by Doc2txt’s Data Protection Addendum, which is available upon request. 

Doc2txt combines three distinct technologies:

  1. LLM for processing natural language queries.
  2. OCR for text analysis.
  3. OCR+ for comprehensive document structure analysis and key/value extraction.

OCR+ utilizes a multimodal transformers architecture that synergizes computer vision techniques to accomplish a holistic analysis of document structure in a single pass. This includes:

  1. Extract implicit/explicit lines and contour lines.
  2. Partitioning the document into a Document Object Model (DOM) tree.
  3. Recognizing distinctive elements like tables, rows, sentences, and key/value pairs.

You can find our model pricing here.

Doc2txt provides support for over 80 languages, automatically detecting the language of the document for processing.

It’s important to note that while some languages might not be spoken fluently by our LLM, it can still read and comprehend them, responding to queries in English.

With Doc2txt APIs, you can seamlessly incorporate the necessary technology to rapidly convert unstructured data into organized formats within seconds.

The API is straightforward: submit a document and receive the document’s text and structure in JSON format.

Process your docs in less time than it takes to read this.


Seamlessly implement line-level policies in your expense app, streamline bill payments with level 3 data, breath AI into your ERP and unlock a new era of efficiency and accuracy.

CPG Loyalty

Level up your loyalty app with long receipt capture, real-time validation (no more clearing houses), and fraud detection. Gain consumer trust, unlock shopping behavior insights, and stay ahead in the game!

AP Automation

Empower your AP/Finance team by eliminating manual data entry. Seamlessly integrate with RPA to automate document functions and unlock the full potential of your team.

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